I love my husband!

I love my husband!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Photo....Please vote!

My mom took some pictures of Darrell and I to send out is Christmas cards. Can you please help us decide which one looks better?

Picture #1 in front of their Christmas tree.

Picture #2 in front of the fireplace.

or Picture #3 in front of the house.

Please take your vote! We need help deciding!!

On Friday night there was a Speech Pathologist Christmas party with a gift exchange. It gets pretty men because there are so many wanted gifts! I ended up stealing from my boss, but I got a set of mixers containing: Cranberry Martini mix, Chocolatini mix, Mango Margarita mix, and Blue Margarita mix. The Mango Mix was tried out last night with my parents and the ladies approved. My husband likes the regular ones better, but said it was "ok." Anyway, here a few of my "BUNCO" friends hanging out at the speech party. Shannon is trying to hide her beautiful pregnant tummy, then Alicia, me, Keri, and Heather. These girls are such great friends in and outside of school. I'm so glad I've met them!
Sat. morning I woke up feeling very sick. I sat around all day long and still felt sick. Sunday we went out to my parent's house where I help set up Christmas decorations, but felt horrible. I ended up staying home from work today. Right now I feel like I could go into work, but we'll see if that holds true in the mornings. I hope you all have a great week. Don't forget to vote!