I love my husband!

I love my husband!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zoe Update

Several of the staff that have worked close with Zoe went to visit her on Thursday. Here is a picture from our visit.

She was very weak and not acting like herself at all. She has completely lost her voice and now makes a hissing sound (like a cat) and blinks her eyes to communicate. We brought her a basket full of toys and gave her mom loads of gift cards donated by the wonderful staff and PTA from our school. She has a port in her heart to administer the chemo and to draw blood and it seemed to be bothering her while we were there. I found out today that it turned out to be a staff infection and she will be having surgery to replace the port. I'm not sure when this will be happening, but please pray that the surgery goes well and that the infection goes away. Her mother was in such great spirits. She is pictured above holding Zoe. She said that she is writing a book about Zoe, starting from being told that she wasn't going to live, her journey through the NICU, raising a child with Down's Syndrome, and now her battle with Leukemia. Zoe's mother really amazed me with her faith and strength. Please continue to pray for this amazing family!

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